more testing of mobile version heheh. went to church and my pastor found my old bible that I had lost!! I didnt even know haha; that pic was from inside my bible. i drew some pokemon eheh; mostly 3rd gen so Im assuming this was around gr4 for me??
Also got these nifty chopsticks they look so fancy but its actually really cheap LOL. the ribbon thing was hot glued on and the part of the chopsticks covered is naked u A u oh and part of the cloth is torn ): but its still pretty!!



One of my OCs for my story. Tried painting but it looks stupid /doesn't want to upload anywhere else now/ Her power is 'Shadow' so yeah, Death. Yep. This is her later look so her name becomes 'Black Bride' eheh. Will probably post my OCs here; guh I wanna change my username ):

dur dur

im..just trying out mobile on here haha will probably delete this acc so I can have a new name


I haven't used this blog for a long time ahaha. I think I may come back?? Not too sure since I don't like how the inserting images is done here. Trying to make another account for other purposes but FC2 isn't sending me the confirmation email ¯\_(ツ)_/¯;; How annoying. Hopefully I'll get it soon and start that blog.


DA Fantasia chara? Idk, not doing twins anymore lol;
..It looks nicer as a thumbnail LOL.


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